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    Hello everyone

    I was trying out Vorpx with BF4 and the oculus rift.
    The game displays correctly on the oculus rift but I have 3 issues:

    -I can’t see any entry in the Vorpx in-game menu so I had to set it up playing Crysis 3 first (for the screen size and the 3d z buffer)

    -Bf4 3d effect using zbuffer doesnt work

    -BF4 only works with Vorpx using the 32-bit executable of the game

    I just see a plain screen with no 3d effect, while playing crysis 3 and other games the zbuffer 3d effect works properly and I can also access the in-game menu related to vorpx (del key)

    I saw a video using Vorpx on bf4 and the zbuffer was working on my oculus.

    Any Suggestion?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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