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    Hi there, I’m using BF4 and DK2 but the game experience isn’t what I was looking for.
    I see the game all pixelated and the all around definition looks really low, also all game hud are messy. I’m the only one having this problems or is normal with the DK2?
    Cause also in Assetto Corsa with all the graphics set to max quality is really poor.
    Can somebody be so kind to tell me the best setting for play with BF4?


    yes dk2 is still low in resolution given the screen is splited in to 2 and also the loses at the screen edges.
    my suggestion is that at least to make it playable, set the image size out put in to min at 0.4 with you will have correct 3d depth other wise the wepon will be in you face and depth compacted.

    buy the way, how to start bf4? I start the game under origin and every time I tried I got directx 11 dll failure? I will be able to enter the game once I turned off the vorpx.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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