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    A couple more for those who like to explore eerie forest trails at night.


    That moment when the hunter becomes the hunted. A fun little game of cat and mouse as you try to find and trap Bigfoot before he finds and kills you. Fun national forest environment, fun gadgets to use, looks good in Unreal4 G3D. Play solo or coop of 4.

    – FOV setup: open Engine.ini from C:\Users\….\AppData\Local\Bigfoot\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
    Add at the bottom:

    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440)
    – set graphics settings to Epic
    – turn motion blur off

    *Use vorpX Shadow Treatment to toggle reticle dot if needed
    *Cinema mode best for Pimax8k, fullVR and immersive modes best for Rift

    The Land of Pain (G3D/Z3D)

    Brief horror adventure through forest, caves, and mines. Find the right tools and keys to progress while running from evil creatures in the dark. Works well in CryEngine G3D, minus some miss-match shadows. I’ve opted to hide them, but you can toggle them back on with vorpX Shadow Treatment. Perhaps best to play the daylight prologue in Z3D, then switch to G3D for the remainder.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440)
    – set fov to max 75 in game
    – set shadows to LOW

    *If launch is very pixilated, cycle Crystal Image setting in vorpX to resolve
    *If encounter crashes mid game, use experimental version from steam game’s properties beta tab
    *Cinema mode best for Pimax8k, fullVR best for Rift, immersive screen best for Z3D

    Find them on the vorpX cloud. Enjoy.




    Many thanks for this Man – I’m about to try it with the recently released updated version!


    It looks like the update changed some things that may not work ideally with this old profile, a much narrower fov for one thing. I’ll see if I can make some adjustments later this week.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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