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    Hi Ralf, again loved your product.
    Recently i tried virtual home theater which is a VR media player, with a desktop mirror function. (it has demo version which is free and you can try for yourself)

    Surprisingly, i found none VR games perform much better in VHT than vorpx (latest), for example, for shadow of tombraider, vorpx immersive mode give me 40-60% fps overheads (also extremely unstable fps )during the build in benchmarking. With VHT, same settings, (also it can enable side by side 3D), i got only 30% fps reduction. I also compared none 3D, even steamVR build in desktop view has better fps than vorpx (but of course desktop view doesn’t suppor stereooptic 3D). VHT can enable dx12 , with RTX etc. while vorpx stuck with DX11 (wont hook if enabled Dx12). Can you take a look and see what’s happening.


    DX12 is currently disabled again for the game due to some issues with the DX12 Steam overlay for Oculus users.

    Under normal circumstance there shouldn’t be any difference if you just mirror a game (i.e. vorpX doesn’t do 3D by itself). If you really experience a higher overhead while vorpX doesn’t do any 3D work, try switching between the old and new headset sync in the vorpX menu. In most cases the new headset sync should produce almost no overhead at all, but in some weird cases it may have the opposite effect unfortunately.


    Thanks for the clarification, i will try the old sync


    I think the difference here is not the home theater vs vorpx, but rather dx11 vs dx12. I get 20-25 more fps using dx12 instead of dx11 in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

    That being said, I think dx12 support should be put back in. I don’t use the steam overlay and have it disabled because it annoys me, but whatever…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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