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    hi, i have a quest 3 and get a black bar at the bottom of screen in Cyberpunk.
    This happens with the standalone mod as well as with version 24.1
    In the Luke Ross Mod i don’t have this black bar but i like VorpX more, because of the motion controller support.
    Aspect ratio correction is at 1:1 and zoom is at the maximum of 0.85. With this setting i have the best result with only one black bar at the bottom. Is there a way to get completely rid of it in VorpX or do i have to resort to the Luke Ross mod for this ?


    I have this issue too, but I’m assuming it’s because newer headsets has a wider FOV at the bottom than the headsets these profiles are made with, so the screen doesn’t extend all the way down. It could even be that Ralf has the same headset, but that he has a different face shape and thus a smaller FOV, but it’s just speculation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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