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    Hi, Ralf

    Since the last update or the one before, the cursor in every game menu has become black, and if the game menu has also a black theme I have a hard time navigating. In games like Firewatch it was very difficult finding the cursor and choosing menu options

    I don’t know what’s that about or if it’s related to a Windows setting, but i remember reading a post about a mouse cursor update recently?
    If you see this maybe give me an workaround or point to some possible cause

    Thank you!


    vorpX can capture the actual Windows cursor now in games that use that instead of drawing their own. If you just see a black square the capture routine may have failed, maybe because the cursor has a format not yet supprted by the capture routine.

    To check that I need more information. Please create a trouble shoot data archive in the config app after launching the game(s) in question and send that to support at vorpx com.


    Thank you for answering, Ralf
    It’s not a black square, it’s a normal mouse cursor, but black; I can see it in game menus where there’s white color
    I changed the Windows theme to black wherever I could – like the Windows Settings app and so on. My Window mouse cursor is adaptive, it changes color depending on its background. It’s one of the native cursors in Windows

    Does my info change anything?
    Maybe it would help if there was a checkbox for Vorpx whether to capture the Windows cursor or not? That could cover all sorts of situations like this

    Thank you


    Please try with the default Windows cursor setting. That’s probably the issue. Let me know if your problem still occurs afterwards.


    it’s actually the default cursor, but I’ve found the culprit. In Windows Settings app, at Mouse pointer there are 3 settings: white, black and inverted.
    I’ve changed it to white and now the cursor in the headset game menu is white
    the inverted setting would be the best choice in my opinion, as it will be visible on every possible background in Windows, but apparently it will be displayed as black by Vorpx in game menus in certain conditions, probably

    The situation is solved, thank you
    i still think that option would be a good idea, but it may be just a minor tweak, I don’t know

    Thank you, Ralf!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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