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    Does anyone know if Black Ops 3 will have any kind of Oculus support? Native or 3rd party? Are there plans for vorpX to support Black Ops 3 on launch or with an update?


    Deeply profile for this game because right now it is flat.
    But then I see in the CALL OF DUTY multiple profiles so there probably will be a black ops 3 …


    Black Ops 3 will be supported with the next update. Surprisingly the game even has a decent field of view option, allowing the FOV to be set to 120° ingame. So this will work better than last years COD. No release date set yet for the next vorpX.


    Hi all,
    I have a CV1 Oculus, and the latest vorpx drivers, but I can not get the game to work. Have stumbled across it and it worked, but can’t do it again. I think its in the setup, load vorpx first, then oculus software, then game, I DON’T KNOW. If someone is playing the game on the oculus please let me know how, Thanks in advance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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