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    This is my only shot at classic Zombies in VR outside of Pavlov (via BO3,BO2 & BO1) but other than the Hud being too wide (Not too much of an issue thanks to a safearea mod), my biggest problem is how Key bindings to pull up the in game settings menu and change the camera clash with my game, Every time I knife, my camera zooms out into mega gray border until I knife again, and when I sprint occasionally the In-game Vorpx menu pops up and messes with my settings.

    Any way to unbind the Camera & Menu settings from my controller thumbsticks.


    Open the vorpX menu (Delete key) and arrow over 4 pages to Input Settings. There you will see settings like this:

    vorpX Gamepad Buttons = Thumbstick < >
    vorpX Gamepad Button 1 = Menu < >
    vorpX Gamepad Button 2 = EdgePeek < >

    You can change Thumbtick to be Start/Select buttons instead, or you can change both buttons 1 and 2 to be Off.

    For changing the size and width of the HUD, there are some scale sliders on page 2 Image Settings:

    Game HUD Scale = 1.00 < >
    Game HUD Scale Horizontal = 1.00 < >
    Game HUD Depth = 0.90 < >


    The Game Hud Scale Settings don’t appear for BO3, they appear for all my other games, but no Hud Scale for BO3.
    Thanks for the controller fix tho. sorry If I’m such a noob at this


    Not all profiles have a scalable HUD. That has to be done per game and also may occasionally break when games get an update.

    vorpX comes with a workaround for that though in the form of its ‘EdgePeek’ function, which briefly zooms out the view. You can invoke that either by pressing the mouse wheel, the right gamepad thumbstick or the right grip button on motion controllers.

    Also useful for using menus or watching cutscenes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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