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    I’m using an HMD Pimax 4K with Vorpx and SteamVR, since on Extended mode as generic VR Headset, it doesn´t have any headtracking.

    In SteamVR, works great, with headtracking and nice 3D effect, but the problem is, when you are not moving your head, the screen goes black, something like a pause state.

    When you are moving, no problem, but if you keep your head steady, screen goes black after a second or so.

    Sorry about my english.


    Could you please forward this matter to Pimax, they might be able to address it by changing how they handle a specific SteamVR function in their driver. If you don’t 100% understand the following paragraph, just forward it to Pimax, their engineers will.

    To avoid potential screen burn-in, vorpX uses SteamVR’s IVRSystem::GetTrackedDeviceActivityLevel function to determine whether the headset is used or not and makes the screen black if this function returns anything else than k_EDeviceActivityLevel_UserInteraction.

    The Vive handles this via a proximity sensor that detects whether the headset is used or not, but maybe the Pimax doesn’t have one and uses the tracker activity instead. My (educated) guess: not unlikely that their implementation of this function in their Steam VR driver is not sensitive enough and thus returns no interaction here although there obviously is some minor head movement, since you never can hold your head really still.



    I encounter the same issue with the same HMD playing ARMA3 or GTAV with Vorpx.

    But i also have this issue with DIRT RALLYE without Vorpx so may be it’s due to Oculus’s drivers.


    The Pimax engineers have not responded and likely never will. How about an optional patch with the screen burn-in possibility? Just add a warning and be done with it.


    Managed to run across your post on Reddit, Ralf. Thankfully, the screen freeze has been remedied.

    For anyone with an annoying screen freeze. Uninstall VorpX and rerun the VorpX_websetup that was downloaded after purchase.
    Have Username & Serial key handy as it will be needed again after reinstall.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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