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    Just a heads up as I was pleasantly amazed, Bless the Korean MMO works with Vorpx (in geometry as it is dx9)via a Vive.

    I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but I copied the Unreal 3 profile and added the Bless exe to it. I had success launching vorpx and placing it on pause for watching, patching, launching steamvr, and then launching the game from the patcher.

    There’s an entire layer of other things you need to do normally to launch the game from the browser, but that’s info found online.

    The main thing I wanted to pass along is that this does work, and the game is rather gorgeous mmo for a dx9 game. I understand that it will be on the russian servers soon and north america next year. I would love someone who is is better at this to cook up a profile etc. as I’m just tweaking and praying with no real experience here.

    For those people that played ESO, this game is a great replacement fix.


    Nice. Thanks for sharing.


    Bless online Unreal 3 profile is not hoocking in anymore :(

    Pls Pls Pls is there a solution :)


    Game hooks when starting the exe directly.

    Faaaantastic!! (I love it more than ESO :)

    But always when i lock in with vorpx, a message upcomming:

    “Failed to connect the server, the client will shut down”

    But im connected, can run around in g3d and its fantastic.

    Is there a way to make this game full playable (no error massage) and can someone create maybe a cloud profile.

    Its a lot of fun this game and with vorpx much more woth than it costs.


    I was excited for this game, given the promises of devs they would fix the game on this new release. But was super disappointed and saved my money when I learned about all of the awful issues players were having. And that they were fundamental, and went beyond just a rough launch.

    If the game is playable, and plays well in VR, with an enjoyable framerate, I may go ahead and buy it. I definitely want more MMORPGs to play in VR, and not just Orbus, particularly Asian MMOs.


    vorpx hooks and you will see the bless online grafics in best g3d.
    20 sec later Battle Eye is closing the game…
    Sad, but this game is not playable in vr.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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