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    Hey everyone,

    So I have a CV1 and don’t plan on upgrading to anything else in the near future. Not a Facebook user and Oculus was eventually going to force an update for even CV1 users to have Facebook accounts (which, if you have researched, even if you make one, they might still brick your Rift or Quest due to ‘inactivity’ and other trivial stuff)

    So; I used Windows Firewall to block -everything- Oculus has when actively running to not allow any of the apps to connect to the internet to avoid the future scenario, which I believe is coming in about 8 months, to force every Oculus Rift user to have an active Facebook Account.

    So my issue is this, to the community and to Ralf;

    Can we ensure that Vorpx updates won’t ‘require’ future Oculus Updates for CV1 users? Is there any chance I might get into a situation where Vorpx is looking for certain Rift updates, which I won’t be getting since I’ve blocked everything, or will future Vorpx updates work even if I’m using “old” Oculus drivers?

    If anyone else has a CV1 and is worried about running into this same issue with them potentially bricking your Rift in a future update, here is a Youtube video on how to block programs with your Windows Firewall. You need to start Oculus and go into your Task Manager – then go to Details and look at every Oculus related program and block each individual .exe to avoid Oculus from going online whatsoever in the future, to hopefully avoid the -forced- Facebook update coming in a few months.

    For me, the apps I blocked were:

    Here is the youtube link to show you how to do it; just go to the Oculus folder when you are selecting a program and then the search bar and make sure every .exe running when you have Oculus ‘on’ is blocked. I do not know if other users may need to block more or other .exes than I had to, but those are the ones that I used and now the headset and PC dont recognize an internet connection at all.

    So – was wondering if we had any potential issues that may arise with future Oculus driver updates vs Vorpx updates. And if there is that possibility, if we could get some sort of ‘restore’ Vorpx to previous state option if we are not going to be using new Oculus drivers anymore.

    Thanks for your time and take care, everyone!


    which I believe is coming in about 8 months, to force every Oculus Rift user to have an active Facebook Account.

    I don´t know where you got that number but you should have way more time than that.

    “If you’re an existing user and choose not to merge your accounts, you can continue using your Oculus account for two years.

    After January 1, 2023, we will end support for Oculus accounts. If you choose not to merge your accounts at that time, you can continue using your device, but full functionality will require a Facebook account. ”

    So you still have 1,5 years of full functionality and even after that it won´t brick itself just because you link it with facebook account.

    I already left the facebook camp for Reverb, I gave my old to a family member and that unit won´t be used with vorpx anymore. Stopped buying anything from oculus store so I don´t miss anything even if I can´t use my library after 2023.

    And since CV1 has been an EOL product for a while I don´t think there will be any driver updates.


    Oh man, thanks – I totally thought it was early 2022, not 2023. Well then, nevermind about this for now :P Lol, my mistake.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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