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    Hi there,

    I just wanted to drop by to say that I’m *very* pleased with VorpX so far.
    After some of the negative feedback I’ve read on forum, I thought that I was going to be very disappointed when giving Skyrim a go.

    Fortunately that wasn’t the case. After nailing the settings (and yes, this was a bit of a pain in the ass), I have to say the results are outstanding and me and my partner were pleasantly surprised with how immersive the results are for a third-party app.

    Of course – it’s not perfect. To run in Geometry mode, I need to lower a lot of settings and no ENB, so Skyrim doesn’t look as beautiful it usually does on my PC. The trade-off is a completely different experience, and with things like the mod that makes Giants actually GIANT, it’s just fascinating :)

    Thanks, Ralf! I’m curious to try other games now.


    Hi Wrongtarget. Glad to hear of your success.
    I am actually buying this software in the coming days JUST for skyrim.

    I have read alot on the forums about it being a hassle to setup with vorpx to make it perfect.

    So i am curious what settings you had to alter and what mods you had to use to make Skyrim optimal with Vorpx.


    Vorpx itself is not much of a hassle, it’s finding the settings that are comfortable for your eyes is, since everyone’s eye sight is a bit different even if you have 20:20.

    After using Vorpx for a while, all I usually adjust nowadays –

    FOV – field of view – in game setting
    Z3D or G3D – in Vorpx Console this is Z-Normal, Z-Adaptive or Geometry on 3D reconstruction page.
    FOV in Vorpx – even though if you set up FOV in game correctly – having FOV in Vorpx at usually works perfect.
    HUD settings in VORPX – this has usually standard settings, but Vorpx allows some curomization.

    First and foremost thing – you need to find a nominal value of Field Of View. FOV can be set up in Skyrim SE or regular Skyrim by using console command – FOV (console access with <`>). The best in Skyrim SE right now is FOV 120 120, but that’s again up to the user, some prefer FOV 135 135 for example.

    The next thing is to chose which mode to run Vorpx in – Z3D or G3D… G3D takes advantage of the game’s object geometry, so the 3D effect is more pronounced in this mode, but it is also more resources demanding mode. Z3D is more flat, but also leaves a lot of frames for convenience. So if you want faster – Z3D, if you want more 3D – G3D. This can be changed in the Vorpx console on 3D reconstruction screen.

    The last thing is FOX in Vorpx itself and HUD customization. Those are usually good in already established profiles, but convenience of customization is still there, which is great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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