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    I just bought vorpx and to my dismay the user interface is so familiar. So i tried to search all the archive of my gmail backup files and i found that i had bought it one year ago on october 2016. Yes i am that damn forgetful type but it is not that hard to believe. It can happen. I know i already got the key to my 2nd purchase. I’ve read the terms that no refund allowed after i got the key. But the question is do i benefit anything from an extra license key? I already know that from the terms specified by vorpx a purchase is entitled to be installed on two pc, i assume will have unique activation key. But since i never asked for activation on 2nd pc for my previous purchase (i am sure there is record of this). Logically there is no benefit to me to purchase vorpx twice just to use it on another pc. So before i nag the support at vorpx dot com i just want opinion on whether it is fair for me to ask for refund?


    Your issue has been taken care of.


    The issue is solved, i ask for partial refund but you refunded me full amount and i know it cost some fees on your side. For that i am grateful. And sorry for the trouble i have caused and the nagging emails. To keep your inbox clean i will post this here instead. My explanation is i have tried various software in relation to vr over the years, even diy HMD related software using android phones and such; not to mention vireio which is similar. And i also blame my habit of impulse buying things without much thought after reading out few good reviews. Anyway I gave out on diy HMD since a year ago and somehow i forgot about my purchase of vorpx until i got CV1 only recently.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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