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    A list of games I’ve tried that no longer work well enough to play. I’m hoping Ralf will include fixes for these in the next update…

    Gone Home: perspective is off

    Fear: perspective is off

    Skyrim special edition: DirectVR rotation fails

    Dear Ester: headtracking?

    Return to castle Wolfenstein: DirectVR fails and perspective is off

    GTA V: I haven’t been able to get the correct perspective in months. Especially with the GTAVR mod.

    The Stanley Parable: word is it stopped working in VR all together.


    Gone Home: fixed, + new auto FOV via ini change.

    Fear: no auto FOV of any kind currently (never has been), apparently there is way via an ini edit, I’ll check whether that can be automated.

    Skyrim SE: IIRC there was some glitch that could make the scan fail while a gamepad is connected, which is fixed.

    Dear Esther: always had full Direct VR (Source engine version).

    RtcW: made some changes (again). Should work with current Steam/GOG, probably not with old CD versions.

    GTA V: has DirectVR FOV, which is perfectly correct. Too strong vehicle 3D is fixed, in case that is what you meant, also the infamous semi random no-G3D issue is finally fixed, which only took 30 hours or so…

    Stanley Parable: works fine here. I’m aware of your report re this, but unable to reproduce.


    Thank you, Ralf. Your hard work and responsiveness is very much appreciated.

    Are you saying the games are fixed now, or will be fixed in the next update?

    IIRC, the Dear Esther source is no longer available on steam. I tried the Landmark Edition last month and didn’t have body control. E.g. if I turn 90 degrees to the right and walked forward, I instead walk sideways to the left. In other words, my head can turn 360 degrees, but my body stays stuck in one direction.

    Do you know if the GTAVR mod still works with BorpX? It may be what’s been causing y distortion and flickering shadows.

    Also, any word on Resident Evil 7? The mod made by CivilWare to correct the game’s FOV no l8nger works since the latest steam update.

    Last one, I’m still getting a blank window when I open VorpX configuration via the SteamVR Desktop. Virtual Desktop and Big Screen as well.


    Only the original Dear Esther is supported by vorpX. That probably won’t change with the next update, sorry.

    Skyrim SE you can fix yourself right now by disabling the gamepad, which makes the scanner more reliable. With the next vorpX that won’t be necessary anymore.

    The rest of the answers is true for the next vorpX version and for unmodded games, so if in doubt, remove any mods.

    There never was any ‘uncorrect perspective’ issue with GTA V though except the too strong 3D in vehicles.

    RE7 works quite well without any mod, everything is (and always was) configured automatically. Slight top/bottom bars to account for a bit of missing FOV, but nothing too offensive. Make sure to restore the profile to default in the config app if you adjusted settings for use with an FOV mod before.

    Not sure about your config app issue in the other VR desktop apps. Works fine with the vorpX desktop viewer.


    Strange. Now when I run Resident Evil 7 with VorpX I get “Access is denied” (0x5). It runs fine without VorpX. Any ideas?


    UPDATE: Uninstalling Malwarebytes resolves the Resident Evil issue. And with the latest VorpX update, Resdint Evil works great!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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