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    Just bought Vorpx and must say I am impressed. I wanted to try out some games that I know worked very well in Nvidia 3D, so tried out Brothers, a story of two sons.
    The game worked great and I am very happy with the solution, other than one thing:


    The shadows are not rendered in 3D. This was something I think that was fixed in a patch for Nvidia 3D by a modder at Helixmod.

    Sure shadows can be turned off, but they add a lot of depth if rendered correctly. I remember reading on a forum or here that the developer Ralph has opened up fixing shaders to some extent.

    Are there fixed shaders somewhere for certain gams, and if so, where would I find them?


    That’s still a bit of a blind spot. You usually can turn off shadows in games where they don’t render correctly, but there is no library of shader fixes. If you keep the 3D-Strength at a reasonable (read realistic) level, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue though in most cases. Also there is Z3D of course, which by design does not have any shader glitches (but doesn’t look as natural 3D-wise, of course).

    Technically vorpX already has the ability to do shader fixes for DX9 games, DX11 will follow at some point. As it’s the case for nVidia’s stereo driver the actual fixes however would have to be a community effort – with the exception of really popular games.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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