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    So, everything was fine until I updated to the newest nvidia drivers.
    Then, for some reason, my Runtime decided it would not detect my DK2, so I reinstalled and fixed that issue.
    Since then I’m getting BSOD about dxgmms2.sys ONLY when using Skyrim with VorpX.

    I’ve tried everything I could think of, and it has not served any purpose; on the other hand, I have seen this library has been causing problems in Win 10 (The OS I use, Pro version) since as early as October, maybe before that.

    10220 seems to be the Windows build that started it all, but I’ve had a newer version for a while and no problems until that point. “dxgmms2” standing for “DirectX Game Memory Maanagement Service 2”, and being such a widespread issue, one would think either MS would do something about it (they haven’t) or it would affect most games. Oddly enough, in my system, Skyrim + VorpX seems to be the only thing that triggers the BSOD. I can play Skyrim on screen and I can use VorpX with other games, even with FO4, which uses a more modern version of the same engine.

    There is one fix, however, that has proven to work completely, and it is to install the last Win8 NV Drivers released before DX12 release. While this would be great if I didn’t use an OR, Runtime 0.8 needs a later version which, I have tested, still has the problem.

    This clearly is MS’ fault, not Ralf’s, but, still, I’d like to ask you, Ralf, if you could take a look into it and possibly avoid calling this service since it has proven to be problematic.



    News. This may be interesting; I’ve managed to fix the problem by manually generating new game .inis and then I compared the variables. Some shadow map resolution values were not powers of 2. That may have been the cause.


    Considering that it’s the “DirectX Game Memory Management Service 2” that causes the issue, you could also check your GPU mem consumption. Just a guess, but playing a game with vorpX requires considerably more GPU memory than playing a game without vorpX.

    With a recent GPU with >3GB video memory that shouldn’t be an issue at all in Skyrim, but maybe still worth to check in case you use extra huge hi-res texture packs for example.

    There is a nifty little tool called nVInspector that allows you to monitor GPU mem consumption and a lot more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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