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    BUG 1:
    It seems to have a problem with geometry, in the sky of the scene, that I do not remember its existence, in old versions.
    I can see in the start screen a flicker and black lines, and also in the sky in eden prime when moving the camera, turns black with lines.
    It’s a pretty ugly and annoying effect.
    This is currently happening with Geometry reconstruction.

    BUG 2:
    Another bug, is present during the dialogs, where Vorpx does not differentiate these, with the rest of the game, therefore, a great distortion occurs in the image.
    I have managed to mitigate this problem by deactivating 3d stereo (alt-x) or using 3d-Z modes during the dialogs … but I would like these bugs to be repaired, at least the first, because it is probably some incompatible effect or shader, Not sure the real cause.


    i just bought mass effect trilogy, wanting to do a whole trilogy playthrough using vorpx, and with latest vorpx version i also get sky bug (only in G3D mode), the sky is flickering like crazy when move around.

    i’m talking about mass effect 1, i didnt try mass effect 2 & 3 yet.

    would be great if this issue could be fixed :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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