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    Hi Ralf :)

    I was thinking if it was possible to get some of the build engine to work with vorpx?? Mostly the redux or remaster versions.
    I was thinking of Shadow Warrior Redux, Blood fresh supply and the new Ion Maiden.
    I know you once made Blood work, what profile did you use to make it hook??
    Most of these games use Opengl or dx11.
    Do you maybe have some suggestions on what game profiles I should try to use??
    G3d is not a must, z3d would be just fine :)


    Nice, i’m interested as well.
    Oh, and Ion Maiden is called Ion Fury now. Thanks to Iron Maiden, those pr*cks. :)


    Yea, I just remembered after I posted :) To me it was just a better name I think :)
    But I tried to get Shadow warrior redux to work. But its exe file is called sw.exe, just like shadow warrior from 2013. And I can´t rename its exe file, coz then it won´t load :(
    I don´t own the other games, so I can´t check if they work.
    But could they run in some way, I buy them in a second :)


    I am really interested in this as well. Would LOVE IT if we could get Build engine games which run in OpenGL to offer 3D in VorpX sort of like how GZ3Doom does it already.

    Oh and technically not build engine, but please lets add Rise of the Triad (1994 version; a windows based Open GL port is available) to that list!


    I know this is an old friend, but I really would LOVE the OpenGL versions of these build engine games to work in VorpX.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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