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    Ever since the newest iteration of VORPX released I have been going through a few of my old games and came across Bulletstorm. I had shelved this one years ago, because when it came out it ran like crap! Well, now I’m glad I did… This game looks great using VORPX but will require some advanced tweaking to get working. Here is the process I used:

    1) Grab a copy of the Bulletstorm INI editor and run as admin ( The INI’s are encrypted) http://games.softpedia.com/get/Tools/Bulletstorm-INI-Editor.shtml

    2) Edit both the StormCamera and Storm Engine INI’s. Set the FOV in storm camera to 120. Set the resx and resy lines in the Stormengine INI to 1920×1080. (The files are located in C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\My Games\BulletStorm\StormGame\Config)

    3) Rename the games main executable to Arma2.exe (this will get you G3d mode, but without positional unfortunately)

    4) Run the game and use the DEL key to open the VORPX menu. Once there change the 3d separation to 110 and then in the next tab set to Pixel 1:1 with the zoom set at 89. when done slide to the next tab and set the headtracking strength to 45.

    5) lastly, go into the games option and under the controls tab set the sensitivity slider almost all the way down. uncheck both Aim assist and Aim lock.

    6) Play the game.

    Now I will caution players who don’t have strong VR legs yet to be careful with this one! There are a lot of cutscenes and forced head movements at times, so this one might be more for the battle hardened VR Vets like myself. While it is not a perfect fit for VR at all times, when the actual gameplay starts in this one it is █-0

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