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    This is for the Quest2…I’m able to bypass Oculus completely with Virtual Desktop (Oculus is demanding a newer driver than I want to use so I’ve removed it completely) And the connection is good… I am wondering if there is anyway to also get SteamVR out of the equation in order to use VorpX with virtual desktop? It works, but getting more latency/less FPS with SteamVR in the background. I see it says set it to SteamVR wondering if there is any other way to set VorpX when VirtualDesktop has my desktop up in the Quest2. Thanks!


    Only if you use VD to capture the desktop and use vorpX in ‘generic 3d display’ mode. That disables 80% of what vorpX can do though. Head tracking, all input related stuff, any DirectVR functionality a profile may provide and so on.

    For full VR functionality vorpX requires SteamVR or the Oculus runtime. Same for VD. As far as I’m aware it hooks into SteamVR in its VR gaming mode.

    BTW: I’d generally advise against using an extra app, be it VD or any other app that streams the image to the headset. Just complicates things by adding an additional element into the pipeline. Usually the best way to use a Quest with vorpX is the Oculus runtime + Oculus Link.


    Thank you Ralf!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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