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    G3D or Z3D or Direct VR.

    Please add this info to the Supported Games List.

    People see the list and think all the games there work just fine, but the opposite is the truth. The minority of these games work as expected and the vague list is not helping at all. Due to this, the list is “tricking” people into thinking that they can play all those games just fine and due to lack of a trial version of VorpX, people buy it and feel cheated.

    With the release of 17.1.0 all we got on info is:

    “Current games with full or partial Direct VR support…”

    This also won’t cut it!

    This is no way to treat neither current nor potential customers.


    I support this. The current list is useless. It doesn’t help me know which games are well enough supported for me to play and I’m not going to test them one by one.


    The below spreadsheet lists G3D/Z3D games. It’s not 100% the current state anymore (most importantly a few games are missing), but still largely correct.

    Current Direct VR games are listed in the 17.1 release announcement above and on the front page.


    Thanks Ralf.
    If you could complete it and put it on the website, you’d make many people happy I believe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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