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    …some games need an awful amount time to fix, but i finally got this one to work with VorpX. I played this game with 3D Vision before and i threw it against the wall. I must say VorpX beats 3D-Vision again. Beeing inside the game instead of in front of a monitor let you handle this wild shooter way better.

    Call of Duty 2 (G3D)

    -Important: First you need to follow this link and the instructions under Call of Duty 2. otherwise the game will not work.
    -Gain FOV with the console command seta cg_fov 120, this setting will be remembered until the end of the level.
    -turn OFF shadows when using VorpXs 3D FOV enhancement at its max. setting.

    Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

    Call of Duty 2 VR

    Call of Duty 2 VR


    I forgot, there is a profile in the cloud for this game.


    Thanks RJK for this profile, I finally got around to playing COD2 with it.

    I’ve made some slight adjustments to better suit a more dark and gritty feel, and put this option on the cloud for others that may like it this way. It requires the same reshade fix RJK lists above, an FOV 105 config edit, and should be used with 2560×1440.

    Either type this into the game console, or add it to the config.cfg file found in the game directory Players folder.

    bind Q “cg_fov 105”

    Now press Q at the start of each mission to reset the correct FOV.


    Today i noticed the original profile didnt work anymore as expected.
    So i updated it for use with vorpX 21.3.1

    – G3D strength fixed
    – Shadows fixed
    – HUD fixed

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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