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    Hi fellow Vorpx users,

    As the title suggests I am here asking if there is a G3D profile for this game?

    @RJK_ There is an entry on your website (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (G3D) Inhouse) that suggests a G3D profile exists.

    @Ralf It is listed in the supported games webpage here (and 1 mention I could find here in the forum).

    The official Vorpx profile I can not seem to get any 3D effects in the Del menu.
    The “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” profile *kinda* works, … ish (well not really playable).
    But I did manage to get it running in ZNormal using a different profile (after about a hundred different profile tries lmao).

    I know this is a relatively old game but I have been revisiting most of my collection since purchasing a new PC.
    With that said, are there any other profiles anyone can suggest trying ?
    Is the default/official Vorpx profile for Advanced warfare not working anymore, or is it just me ?

    Any help would be awesome, the game looks pretty good in Z but would love to get this working in G3D.

    Many thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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