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    Works and looks amazing in Geometry mode…however when in an outdoor scene with objects very far away the framerate dropped a lot to like what looks like 15 fps or below..but focus on a scene where there are only close up objects and the framerate was back to solid.

    In COD MW3 I noticed no such slowdown with large outdoor and underwater scenes. Could be that the newer Black Ops game was more demanding on GPU and CPU? I also noticed no transparent outline halo images around objects with Black Ops 1, whereas with COD MW3 I get the those slight visual anomalies.

    So basically I’d still prefer play COD MW3, hoping for a fix to remove those ghosting images.

    Also at the present time COD: Ghosts simply doesn’t get recognized by vorpx dk2, for me at least.


    Ok something very wierd happened…I decided to lower some settings to see if I could get it to run faster with outdoor scenes…the only in game option I could change was texture quality which I set to lowest and when the game continued it was buttery smooth at the same outdoor scene that lagged terribly before. So then I tried normal, again no problem and for stupidity sakes I said let me try highest or “extra” again…and this time it was also smooth! Then I quit the game and reloaded it again so it would restart in highest texture quality and for some strange reason none of the framerate drop whcih occured before, it was smooth. I wonder what the heck had happened the first time I ran it through and it was so terribly slow with the outdoor scene of far distances? Maybe I had some other issue or some other process running in the background when I had first tried it out? I will reboot my machine and give it another go and let you guys know.


    Ok after much testing and rebooting and using rift as primary display there is no drastic slowdown on the outdoor scenes. So something was finicky the very first time I tried it out. There is certainly a perceivable difference still with the outdoor scenes but now it more like going from 90fps to 45fps instead of from 60fps to like 15 or less the first time I tried it.

    So to make a long story short…Call of Duty Black Ops 1 is as perfect an experience as Bioshock Infinite. Problem is I still prefer the scenarios in COD MW3. But more and more I see Ralph and vorpx being the current savior of the DK2, These polished triple A games are much better than the sparse tech demos we’ve had to live with before.

    Now if onlu I can get COD: Ghosts to work! That introductory scene with the space station in 3D? I can’t wait to try it out.


    Glad if finally worked, keep them coming!


    Hi, if BO1 supports gemotry mode, also BO2 should have this feature- or?
    But, wen I open the vorpx settings ingame i can only switch between two different Z-Buffer 3D modes – or do i miss something? I’m glad for any hint! thx


    Black Ops 2 is DirectX 11 only, which didn’t have Geometry 3D before the last vorpX release. No promises, but I will look into Geometry 3D for the latest DX11-only COD games for the next update. They are pretty high on the list.


    Yes, BO 1 was the only other COD besides MW3 that worked with geometry 3d for me at this stage. Ghosts (worked when I ran vorpx NOT as administrator), BO 2 and have z-buffer and COD 2, MW, WAW and MW2 wouldn’t hook but I didn’t spend a whole lot of time trying if it didn’t hook right away. Would love to Ghosts SP especially in geometry 3d as that has almost perfect 3d rendering with nvidia 3d vision anyway. The earlier titles have more issues with problematic shaders in stereo 3d like BO 1 has halos if smoke is in the background but it’s not bad.

    BO 1 for some reason only has an fov slider for MP but you can bind a key in the config file for SP by adding a line like: bind 1 “cg_fov 90” to toggle a higher fov but you have to hit the key you assigned each time a level loads.

    MW3 is more cinematic and realistic looking but BO1 also has a combat training mode in MP where you can set up bot matches for any of the multiplayer maps (can also turn off the hud for more immersion) as well as zombie mode so it has good replay value in that respect.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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