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    Since i tried a mod for GTA 5 making it VR, i was amazed O_O and i wanted to try to run other non-vr games ( particulary 3d person games ). I found a video on youtube about Vorpx and download it…

    But the results are a bit sour, i can launch some games on VR, i tried the cinema and the immersive mods, but i’m really interested in the full VR mode.

    And there’s the problem.. i can’t find the way to disociate de camera movement from the headset tracking.. every time i move my head head the whole view have to move with it. The GTA 5 mod i mentionned had the camera controlled by the gamepad ( like it has to be for normal games )and in there i moved my head i could look around the world but the camera position didn’t move ..if it makes sense. It was really more immersive and more important less jarring.

    Is there a hidden option , to turn the control camera from the headset to the gamepad ? I could find it in the in game menu.

    Please every advice will be apreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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