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    I’m not sure this is the correct forum for the topic, seeing how Vorpx doesn’t officially support the id Tech 5 games.

    In both Rage and Wolfenstein, my camera keeps creeping up. It’s stable when I remain motionless, but as soon as I start looking around, the line of sight slowly shifts upward. Since I play standing, leaning forward and feeling around for the keyboard in order to press Ctrl+Space is not an option.

    In Rage, this isn’t an issue because all actions can be mapped to the VR controllers, and I can use them to pull the camera back down. In Wolfenstein, because of the insane amount of key combinations, you’re forced to use the gamepad if you don’t want to sit, and with Vorpx enabled, my gamepad’s right joystick doesn’t seem to be able tilt the camera up or down.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?


    Not really sure about the underlying issue, but if readjusting with the gamepad would do the trick, then you should be able to do that by changing the sensitivity of the right stick‘s y-axis. Even when a gamepad is used natively vorpX reduces the y-axis sensitivity of the right stick in FullVR mode to avoid unwanted y-axis movement. Maybe the default is a little bit too low in these particular cases. The according setting can be found on the ‘Input’ page of the menu.

    A similar setting exists for VR controllers, so regardless whether you play with controllers or a gamepad, you can always adjust this to your liking.

    BTW1: Each button on a VR controller can be mapped to two keys, with the left grip button acting as shift-Button between both mappings. That should suffice to map the vast majority of input schemes to VR controllers.

    BTW2: vorpX has a nifty 4×4 gaze based button menu that is highly useful for all sorts of shortcuts. Can be configured in the menu. To use it with VR controllers you currently have to map ‘shift+mousewheel click’ to one of the VR controller buttons, which admittedly is a bit counterintuitive. Once that is done, the menu provides you with 16 gaze based extra ‚buttons‘ that can be used by pressing and holding the controller button you earlier mapped to ‘shift+mousewheel click’.


    Cranking up the y-axis sensitivity worked! Thank you for the solution, Ralf–and for the tips!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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