Can anyone do a good profile for Octopath Traveler G3D?

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    I was using the two profiles that are in cloud for this game but both are not working good.
    One of them don’t do anything and the other produce so many flashes and sparkles annoying to the eye.
    When you are inside many rooms it’s horrible but outdoors sometimes works better in some places but usually are bad.
    I was trying to modify the parameters but is the same because when some parameters are working well in some screens in another screens are horrible.

    I will be very grateful if someone that have advanced knowledge about how to configure vorpx can do a better profile for the game in G3D.

    But I suppose that it’s impossible to do a well G3D to Octopath Traveler maybe for the way that the programmers create the graphics and it’s a pity because in Cinema mode looks amazing.

    Thank you so much.

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