Can anyone else still start DOOM (2016)? It keeps crashing for me.

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    I only recently purchased VorpX so I can’t tell if it was working before, but when I try to start DOOM with VorpX enabled it just gives me a steam error saying that the game could not be launched, unknown error. :/


    Please check whether you maybe have configured the game to use the Vulkan graphics API. If so, switch to OpenGL. vorpX doesn’t really support this game, but it usually works quite well in unsupported mode with OpenGL.


    I did actually double check that as I did run the game in Vulkan before. However I switched back and checked again.

    I guess something in my system configuration just keeps messing with vorpX. The only game I have been able to get running with it so far was Bioshock Infinite.

    Other games (even the supported ones) either outright crashed, had extreme graphical glitches or ran with extreme low fps.

    Well it was worth a try.


    I just finished playing through Doom after getting it late, such a good game. I never had that particular error but I found it very sensitive to set up, and after the latest vorpx update it created some different errors I needed to work around. I can tell you what I did which made it work for me, but to be honest 1/3 of the time it would crash on startup for no clear reason but then would work the next 1st or 2nd time I would attempt.. even tho nothing had changed at all.

    -disable any anti-virus, background game apps (like origin or uplay, etc.), disable any VPN or really any other background application in your taskbar (this seems odd but times it wouldn’t work I would close some random program and then it would work)
    -start up your vive/oculus
    -start up vorpx as usual and select a Doom profile, run as ADMIN
    -after vorpx is started launch Doom out of a custom profile you can make through vorpx (look this up), so it will be its own Doom vorpx specific shortcut (this I found was a crucial step, if I launched the game out of steam or whatnot without this it would basically crash), run this as ADMIN as well

    It was super stupid to do all this but this was the only way I got it to run near consistently every startup. Good luck!


    Oh, also use this guys setup guide before doing anything, this is what I based my tweaks on:

    Doom Vorpx Config Guide
    byu/lenne0816 inVive


    I messed around a little more with it, I actually did read that guy’s setup guide :)

    I finally got it working.. It may have been my anti-virus which was causing the trouble, the more you know!

    Thanks! :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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