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    I’m new to VorpX. I’m looking forward to try American McGee’s Alice on the Quest 2.


    Games run on your PC with vorpX and then are displayed on your Quest either via an USB cable and Oculus Link or wirelessly with an additional streaming app.

    The Oculus Link setup ist fairly straight forward. You just have to install the Oculus PC software, connect your Quest with an USB cable to your PC and enable Oculus Link in your Quest. Once you did that your Quest looks like a PC headset to vorpX and you can start playing.


    I’m using Quest 2 and have tested both wireless and link cable, and at least with Vorpx the link cable is a lot better. Tested with cyberpunk and wireless was extremely choppy, while it was perfectly playable with Oculus link. Apparently oculus performance algorithms only work with link, so i can imagine that’s the main reason for the performance gains.


    Cool thanks for the input.


    An additional question I suspect you guys wouldn’t know this much but I’ll ask anyways. American McGee’s Alice has an upgraded texture mod.

    Is there a reason to worry it may not be compatible with VorpX?.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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