Can I configure a game on desktop and then play in VR?

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    I can’t seem to open the menu to configure a game while playing. My play space is to the side of my PC so I’m not able to wear the headset at my desk so I figured I’d config it from the desktop but the menu doesn’t come up at all. My mouse will freeze when pushing the hotkey but that’s it.


    Are you playing in 3dof ?

    Of which menu are you talking ?

    You have an application with a shortcut called “Configure VorpX”, that you could use before playing, only one time per game, and only if necessary. You don’t really need it for every game, if the game has already an official profile (or no profile at all).

    And you have a floating in-game menu. You can call it with the appropriate key.
    In-game key bindings can be changed in VorpX Configuration before playing.

    Important keys are usually :
    – VorpX ingame menu
    – Edgepeek
    – Center Positional Tracking

    If you really need to access the desktop app, there are a lot of ways to display your desktop in the headset (but it depends on your headset).
    VorpX has a Desktop Viewer. You can launch game from it (especially with Beta, wich allow you to use any resolution/ratio you want on you desktop).


    i dont know what is your headset and how you connect to pc. but i use meta quest 2 and virtual desktop. so you can press two times fast oculus menu on your left controller then now you can see the desktop on your headset.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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