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    NReal Air user using VorpX to add some dimensionality to flat games. Got it to work. Very cool stuff. However I have a problem. Given the NReal Air only works when identified as a generic 3d monitor I get the unsupported message on every new game launch and have to do a fancy CRTL+Alt+Shift to dismiss the warning which I can’t do from my Bluetooth keyboard when lying flat on my back in bed. Requires me get up out of bed and use the full size keyboard

    So my question, is there a way to disable the warning entirely and/or add NReal as a supported profile. It works and it is glorious!



    You can disable some messages/notifications via the Vorpx config tool however, I’m not sure if you can disable that particular message.
    Having said that I have run into similar issues as I use a wireless keyboard/pad instead of a keyboard which as you can imagine is missing quite a few keys. I overcome this by binding keys to other keys that I do have.

    So perhaps you could either use Windows or a 3rd party app and bind “CRTL+Alt+Shift” to a single button on your bluetooth keyboard ?

    Just a thought :)


    Thanks. Looked at a few but without installing 3rd party SW no way to easily do a 3 key combo. Support for a limited NReal profile would be awesome…


    The message is supposed to fade away after a two or three minutes if you don’t close it manually. Not entirely sure if that works currently though. I’ll check that before the next beta 23.1.0 beta release in a few days.


    Thanks so much. I do recall it went away at one point but seemed to be quite a bit longer than 2-3 minutes…


    Ralf, can we please have an option to disable this? It’s pretty jarring because it only shows up in one eye (using the nreal airs)
    For me it takes 5-10 minutes to disappear and pressing CTRL + ALT + SHIFT does nothing.up

    EDIT: I updated to the beta version and now the keyboard shortcut works :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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