Can I manually update vorpX OVR SDK files?

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    Hi Ralf (and community),

    I realize that vorpX does not yet support DK2. We all appreciate your work in making this happen.

    I was playing with vorpX last night and, as expected, it didn’t detect the DK2 when running a game. However, I noticed that the SDK files in vorpX/OculusConfigUtil are version 0.2.5. I backed up and replaced those files with the corresponding files from SDK 0.3.2p2, which allowed vorpX to detect the DK2 at runtime and trigger Rift mode (DK1 effects, obviously). I got a warning about head tracking being unavailable, which is also expected.

    Just throwing this out there for anyone trying to get _something_ working on the DK2, as things are obviously quite messy at the moment. :)

    Comments and input on the above procedure are welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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