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    I’m considering to buy Vorpx but before this I have a few questions
    that I didn’t find any answer in the forum or Faqs.

    – Can I use Vorpx with games that are not in Steam?
    I have games that i bought phisical in boxes and the installation is not in

    – I have games in 2D like “Ori and the blind forest” that I would like to play
    in a Big Screen with 3D depth.

    So many of them are old and others are new but are not in the list of Vorpx:
    – Death’s Gambit (Directx 11)
    – Hollow Knight (DirectX 10)
    – The Cave (DirectX 9.0c)
    – Whispered World (DirectX 9.0C)…

    In the instructions they put that I can use Vorpx with games that use DirectX
    9 to 11.

    Can I use this kind of games with Vorpx?

    – The last question. It’s hard to configure this kind of games to play with a big
    screen in 3D?

    Thank you so much.


    All games on this List can be played in 3D with VorpX, exept The Dig and Baldurs Gate

    Steam is not required, only a few games may show an unexpected behave beetween Steam and retail versions.

    DX10 can be displayed in 2D only. Please note some games dont work with vorpx at all.

    VorpX has different modes (3D Screens) where you can choose from.

    If you have a game that doesnt have a 3D profile yet, you can create your own by copying profiles of others games with the same game engine. Inside VorpX you have different ways to manipulate 3D settings also. With DGVoodoo2 (please see forum and google) you are able to play DX7-8 and a few Glide/DX6 games in 3D also.

    Note: Only games that render a 3D environment can ever be put into 3D with VorpX. 2D Games like Whispered World can only by played in 2D.

    Best if you buy the software and be amazed.


    I’m playing through Thief 2 with it, check the big list RJK_ posted.

    3D doesn’t quite work, but it still has head tracking.


    How do you create a 3d profile?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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