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    Hello all!

    I’m working on a VR setup that seems to be a bit different then the going trend. I prefer to play sitting in a chair, rather then the room scale setup. I’ve got a 3dRudder for positional control. It’s basically a flat-disk joystick for feet. It’s fantastic for translation movement, but it’s awkward for turning.

    I would really like a way to map head-roll to a proportional mouse left/right. An example of what I want to do is in the game Eagle Flight. If you turn your head (yaw), the view directly follows. If you tip your head (roll), the view continuously rotates in that direction, like an airplane. These two controls combined make for a very natural feeling way to “turn around” while sitting still.

    Is there a way to accomplish such a mapping in Vorpx or with an add-on?


    That is not possible, sorry. Head tracking roll cannot be re-mapped.

    You might be able to achieve that by disabling vorpX’s head tracking (or just the roll) and using external tracking software like OpenTrack instead though. Just a guess, but worth a try.



    That was just the push in the right direction I needed. After heading down a somewhat long and twisty rabbit hole, it turned out that together, OpenTrack and FreePIE were the programs I needed. Didn’t even have to disable vorpX’s head tracking, as the apps added to the inputs rather then replace them.

    I’ve still got fine-tuning to do, but I’m a very happy vorpX Skyrim camper.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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