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    I just finished installing Outlast and played it with my CV1 and I did not really like the experience. I used the profile for this game and the setting optimizer and everything looked really zoomed in. I changed the FOV and the Zoom setting and that “Fixed the problem”. However, I’m still not able to look a the whole screen without having the need to zoom out until I can see the edges, or by using Virtual 3D Cinema Mode.

    That was just the first problem. As soon as I started playing Outlast I realized two things:

    1. Textures constantly disappear. Walls, pictures, objects, lights, keep disappearing as I walk.

    2. There are some ghosty looking yellow lights constantly appearing. They usually look just like other random objects, but they are yellow and with low opacity.

    I decided to stop playing Outlast, and went to Oculus Home to find out that now I can’t play any of my Oficial Oculus games because they are not supported by vorpX.

    Is there a way to turn off vorpX without having to uninstall it? Also, are these problems with the textures normal? I just watched a few videos and it looks like there are more people with the problem of textures disappearing. Overall, I found it to be really buggy. I am using a CV1, GeForce GTX 1070.

    Thank you


    So, I realized that the problem with the textures was caused by the fact that I was using 3d FOV Enhancement. I got rid of it and everything looks great now. However, I am still having two problems:

    1. I can’t see the full screen without showing the borders. The best way I found to ignore this was using Virtual 3D Cinema Mode and unlocking Head Tracking. However, I would like to know if there is a way to use the full screen without having to zoom in a lot, or using Virtual 3D Cinema Mode without showing the black background.

    2. I am still not able to play Oficial Oculus games, so I would still like to know if I can temporally turn of vorpX while playing these games.

    Thank you!


    While running vorpX shows a tray icon in your taskbar. Right clicking it opens a menu that allows you to pause or disable vorpX.

    To get started it makes a lot of sense to check the help that comes with vorpX. Basic things like this are explained in the quickstart guide.


    I know you can disable VorPX in the taskbar, but I’m just wondering why VorPX is even trying to hook up when I launch Rift games from the Rift Home menu?

    Doesn’t Vorpx only watch for games that it has .exe files listed for?


    Doesn’t Vorpx only watch for games that it has .exe files listed for?

    Nope, vorpx will try to hook into whatever you’re running, it seems to me. The plus side is discovering woking games that aren’t officially supported. I always disable it when I’m not using it.


    I was finally able to find the vorpX icon that the guide was talking about. I could not see it until I restarted my computer. I even thought that the guide was for an old version of vorpX and that the new one did not have that icon anymore. I paused vorpX and Oculus Home works just fine now. Thank you so much for all of your answers.

    Outlast runs beautifully now, just make sure not to use 3D FOV Enhancement, zoom all the way out so that the game does not look grainy and distorted, activate Virtual 3D Cinema Mode and uncheck Lock Head Tracking.

    I would love to be able to play it outside Virtual 3D Cinema Mode, but I don’t seem to find the right settings that will allow me to watch Outlast in fullscreen without showing the black background outside the screen. I tried changing the resolution of the game, setting zoom to 1.00, changing aspect ratios, and also using 3D FOV Enhancement (This last setting makes the game extremely buggy).

    Is it normal not to be able to look at the edges of the screen? The guide even shows a shortcut that helps you move through different sections of the screen in order to look at your health bar and other items. This makes me think that when watching the game in fullscreen you will always lose some details at the edges. If somebody knows about this, I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you so much!


    Doesn’t ‘edgepeek’ work in that game? Usually pressing the middle mouse button will zoom out so that you can access menus ans such.

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