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    Shadow Play just freezes the mirror on screen. win10 video capture acts like it isn’t even there.
    Never had any trouble recording using full screen or half screen mirror in the past. Some thing got broke some where. I have no idea if it is shadowplay or vorpx. If it is vorpx obviously nothing i can do about it. Before I go through trying to reinstall old versions of shadowplay or drivers I would like to know what is at fault :)


    The vorpX mirror window option can be ruled out releatively safely, it does the same it always did.

    Instead of trying different driver versions I would suggest to try a recording program that doesn’t use OS/driver functions to record video though. The most popular one I am aware of is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Not quite as easy to use as ShadowPlay, but I haven’t heard of any issues with that one.


    That is what I thought. I did Find a workaround though. Before I always just turned on the mirror feature then started shadowplay. Now it just crashes the mirror screen. For some reason by starting shadowplay first, then turning on the mirror feature it works just fine. Go figure

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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