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    I mostly want to play Rocket League if I get Vorpx. I have an rtx2070 and an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. Does the frame rate half? I heard everything has to be rendered twice. My PC gets between 180 and 220 fps and 1440p 16:9 maxed graphics (flatscreen). Is it as simple as halving my frame rate and I get 90FPS minimums or is it more complicated? What resolution in-game when using Vorpx is best for Quest 2? Some other basic questions. Can I use Air Link (Quest2)? If I am playing the game and talking on discord can I get all the audio to my headphone or is it split up. Also is this guide still accurate or has a lot changed?
    old Rocket league Vorpx guide 2017
    Sorry for being such a noob. Hope you forgive these basic questions. IF you are going to answer one question will the game run is most important.


    of course with my old vega 64 card I’m at 72 fps

    Seph Swain

    Quick Start Guide:
    – start VorpX
    – start the Configure VorpX Tool, go to “Cloud Profiles”, search for Rocket League, import the latest Profile from a genius named TechnoGoat (“for DX11”)
    – read the instructions of that profile
    – start the game
    – in game: FOV max, start with ball cam

    next steps:
    – add the startup parameters for a better resolution for RL in your games launcher (-ResX=... -ResY=...)
    – tune the in game video settings
    – add the custom resolutions for VorpX
    – try different camera settings in game an different profiles in VorpX
    – try VorpX’s FOV enhancer

    See you in tournament!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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