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    Hi, this can be kind of a noob question as i don’t really know how VorpX work.
    I’m really enjoying VorpX for the moment on my Vive, mainly by playing on that awesome Huge Screen in Ambient mode. But i didn’t tried Multiplayer games because i have a question before:

    Can VorpX be detected as a cheat by Anti-cheat systems in Multiplayer games ?

    I would love to try CS:GO, Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege (which are my favorite games right now) on that virtual screen.
    However, i know most of thoses games have anti-cheats that detect ddl injection or something and ban people that have softwares doing that type of things.
    As i don’t know how VorpX work but i know it can control the mouse etc like a cheat could do, i was wondering if the soft can be detected as a malicious soft. I don’t really want to be banned (VAC Ban or Overwatch ban), just for playing my games on a virtual screen…

    Sorry for my poor English, not my native langage.
    Hope you can answer my question, Overwatch in a Theater would be F*cking awesome !
    Have a nice day !


    Ive been wondering this myself. I am scared to death to try and use it with Rust. I have a bunch of skins on my account, and hundreds of hours of playtime. I actually emailed EAC, who handles cheat detection, just to ask. So far no response, but it is the weekend. I hope I get an answer of some sort, instead of a vague “it might”.


    Official stance on this is that you do it on your risk.

    vorpX has been used by many to play multiplayer games and mmorpgs over the years without problems. But since this is no guarantee for the future you have to decide yourself what to make of this information.


    Thats pretty much the reply I expect to hear from EAC. I may set up another Steam account just for Rust if I can get it working, to protect my main account from a ban.


    For games that use Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) for cheating support, it looks like VorpX should be okay. Just got an email back from them, as follows:

    “EAC only blocks certain applications from working. Bans are places only from cheating meaning that there needs to be a definite cheat program (aimbot, wallhack etc.) loaded into game memory.”


    Congo, have you been able to get Rust running with Vorpx?


    No. I really really want to play Rust in VR, even if it’s just in the Cinema with head tracking and 3D. I wish I could find a profile that works. Usually every profile I try makes the game start on the monitor instead of the headset, and then instantly crash. If I launch it without a profile using the VR Desktop icon, I can play Rust in the virtual cinema, but there is no 3D, and it stutters badly, even with the absolute lowest graphical settings and resolution. Even if I get a GTX 1080 when it comes out, I imagine it will still run like this. For reference I have a gtx970, i76700k, and 16gb of ram. I fear this game may not be playable for some time in VR, if at all :(. Rust has been pretty much my favorite game for almost 2 years now, I really really wish I could experience it in VR and in 3D.

    Oh, and by the way, When I got it running in the cinema, I was able to press del and enter into full VR mode with head tracking. It was just 2D, and just a little bit too much stuttering (combined with 800×600 resolution and every option set to zero or turned off.)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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