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    Hi, i plan to use Vorpx for Rainbow 6 siege Multiplayer and many more games down the line. Will i get banned for usibg vorpx?


    In games that do not have anti-cheat services, I have never been banned using vorpX. Games I play online:

    Battlefield/SW Battlefront series
    Call of Duty series (except for the new Modern Warfare won’t hook)
    Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm 1 (Rising Storm 2 won’t work)
    War of Rights
    Battlegrounds 3
    America’s Army: Proving Grounds
    Outlaws of the Old West
    Golden-Eye Source
    Medal of Honor 2010
    Star Trek Online

    Unfortunately, if the game uses an anti-cheat service such as Easy Anti Cheat or BattlEye that block injection, then vorpX won’t even be able to hook into the game to begin with. So games like Rainbow 6 Siege (BattlEye) and most newer and mainstream games are not possible, as Anti-Cheat services have become demanded and common place. Scroll down on this page to see games with EAC for example.

    This is sad of course, as there are lots of good looking games I would wish to play online and am missing out on, since I can no longer stand to play games on flat monitor anymore.

    GTA online and RDR2 online are a grey area. I have never personally risked trying these yet, but I assume other people have and I have yet to hear any complaints. It is probably good practice however to assume that using vorpX for online gaming will always carry the risk of ban, so consider the possibility before each game you try.


    Thanks a lot for the detail reply.

    I’ll try some of those out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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