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    So myself, dimensionaldu, Anatolij, turktim7 and matteo39 all asked for help in a thread about the game “Kingpin.” This is an older game, and if it just didn’t work on vorpx, I could understand letting our pleas go unanswered, since Ralf obviously has his hands full just trying to help with games that do work.

    But the thing is–Kingpin DID work with vorpx. It worked perfectly fine until a vorpx update stopped it from working. So we know it CAN work. Which is why the five of us were all requesting Ralf’s help to get it working again. Now, if we got a response that said something like: “Sorry guys, I can’t get that game working now because of X,” that would be something we could understand. We’d be disappointed, but we could understand.

    But we haven’t gotten any response at all. If I were less of an optimist, I might think that our requests have just been ignored.

    But again I know there are a lot of requests for Ralf to respond to, so it’s perfectly possible that he just didn’t see our original one. It is with the hope that this is in fact what happened, that I have created this new thread to draw attention to the issue.

    For those of you who have never played Kingpin, IMO it is one of the best FPS to use the Quake II engine and in many ways remains unrivaled after all these years. It has some of the most visceral melee combat I’ve ever experienced in a game, and the shootouts are equally enthralling and quite gory. It actually has an entire online community still dedicated to playing it, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s just fun.

    So Ralf, if you read this, I’m sorry to bother you again, but I really hope you can find the time to respond and let us know if there is any chance we’ll be able to play this great game using vorpx again.

    Steam page for the game:

    Our original thread:


    I didn’t check the game, but it was my understanding that the profile is based on the Quake II profile and had the same issue (crash on start). The Quake II start crash has been fixed in the last update.


    Thanks for responding, Ralf!

    I’ll boot it up and see how she plays.


    Thanks to Ralf for solving the problem, just checked Kingpin, played for 1 hour, no crashes, the game is stable, just like on earlier versions of VorpX.


    FYI – Nightdive Studios is remastering Kingpin and it will be out soon. I love the game too


    If this is the re-release that is on Steam , then it looks more like a pathetic fake using ReShade filters. Judging by the pictures, they almost do not differ from the original, they added color saturation and a sharpness filter, well, the resolution of 4K 60fps, this is definitely not a remaster.


    They are re-implementing the whole thing because the original source code does not exist. However they chose to reverse engineer the code. This is good as it would preserve much of the gameplay however they are also preserving the graphics engine. So yes, the end result won’t be much better, it’s just the original game using newer build tools and graphics APIs.

    Kingpin Reloaded Steam Updates

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