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    Anyone know if it is possible to change the room in which the Cinema is? I wondered if there is a 3D model somewhere that could be edited or something like that? It would be fun if you could, even if you need to edit it in a different program. Especially if those could be shared amongst users too.


    For users it is not possible to create their own cinema room. !

    (I don’t know which tool Ralf used to create the rooms and if they are deeper involved in the vorpx code. If they are extra “container” which are addable there is no problem to add and new one. But so far i know Ralf and it’s coding style it is not so easy to add an extra user created cinema rooms. Sorry ! In my opinion it is much more important that Ralf produces profiles for the newest games. To add such kind of user wishes would take 1 or 2 week development time, which will miss for producing game profiles )


    @ Tre4b

    The 3D Cinema environments involve more work than just loading a model. The scene graph with model/texture paths, material descriptions and so on is hardcoded, 3d models are in a custom format that can be read directly into vorpX’s small but nice 3d engine without runtime conversion, also two different lightmaps have to be produced each with certain requirements etc. Last but not least I take great care to create super low poly environments to make sure there is no noticeable performance impact.

    If you have a nice idea, some 3d modeling experience and are willing to create the base geometry (adhering to a certain poly count), shoot me a mail to support at vorpx dot com to further discuss the matter. I could take your base geometry in some common exchange format and do the rest.

    Alternatively you can render and import 360° panoramas of various kinds and formats without any poly count or other restrictions. Not quite as nice as a dynamically lit 3d scene, but on the other hand you can do that fully on your own. Check the ‘Cinema Environments’ section in the config app. The import dialog shows what panorama types are supported. The config app page also has a bunch of links with downloadable panoramas, both stereo and mono.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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