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    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been hitting my head on the wall on this, looks like BF2042 is not in the compatible list, nor anyone had even dared to run it since I looked on the forums and not a single post about it, has anyone been successful on making it work with 2042? it has been more than a year and I was surprised that there is not a single cloud profile for 2042 :(

    Any help to get this to work would be really appreciated >.<, I already made the hotas work with this game, I just need to make Vorp to work with it so that I can use the freelook button and look around while flying >.<

    Thanks in advance.


    It uses Easy Anti Cheat and is online play only – that’s why.

    Unfortunately, vorpX injection gets blocked by any game that launches with EAC. Only in rare cases where a game has an offline singleplayer component can you find a modded bypass, but not for anti cheat enforced multiplayer servers.

    You can still use the desktop viewer to see the game screen in your headset, but you won’t have any functional 3D effect.

    It sucks, I know. Many online games I have missed out on because of EAC. But for me there is no going back to gaming without vorpX. So check for anti cheat requirements before purchasing any game.


    Hey dellrifter22, thank you for your reply to my message!

    This is very interesting, never thought of that, daaamn ! but it makes sense for the injection part.

    ok then Im thinking, using the desktop viewer and forfeiting all 3d capabilities is an option, but now I am thinking, is there a way to map the occulus head sensors to emulate or remapp to mouse? basically all i need now is to map the mouse to the vr set, so that it moves the mouse in the direction i move the head, that would add very crude 3D function of some sort.

    does anyone know about a way to map oculus to mouse? >.<

    thanks in advance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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