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    Nightmare -_-

    Basically what the title says, the box that says it’s attaching stays there forever. Running Titanfall 2 on desktop works perfectly fine by the way.

    Htc Vive (original)

    launching the game with EA Desktop application

    Using the official profile

    If it is of any help, I uninstalled OpenXR and reinstalled it since it was preventing me from attaching to any games after the new update.


    Having the same issue with Quest 2 and the Origin version of Titanfall 2. Tried Air Link and Virtual Desktop but doesn’t hook at all.

    Nightmare -_-

    Hope you can find a fix, A lot of other games besides Titanfall 2 are not hooking either.


    There is no general problem with hooking the game.

    Hooking issues almost always are conflicts with other programs on your PC. The by far most likely candidate would be some invasive third party AV program. If you use anything else than Windows Defender, consider to remove it for testing purposes. Some more annoying third party AV programs are difficult to disable. Windows Defender kicks in automatically, so there is no risk involved.

    More details regarding other potential hooking conflicts can be found in the trouble shooting guide in the ‘Technical Support’ forum.


    I just uninstalled Bitdefender and it works fine now. Thanks!


    Hey, many thanks for all the tips! I’m pleased to say I’ve got it working just yesterday :-)
    To make this happen I did the following:

    1 – added EALink.exe to the Excluded Programs (this should be default for others but for me it was missing from the list for some reason)
    2 – Disabled overlay feature in the Origin Client
    3 – Disabled “Advanced Threat Defense” in Bitdefender

    It was worth the digging, this title is just amazing in VR!


    the box that says it’s attaching stays there forever

    Fine that you got it running, but i am still curious if you probably did the same mistake as i have done when using vorpX for the first few times with that box “staying forever”, i quit the whole process coz i thought vorpX was freezing again lol. But that window/box actually doesn´t stay forever, it just takes some time to change into the othr box where you are given a few options, one of them is to install hook-helper, which often solves the problem but also in some cases not.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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