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    Just purchased VorpX 2 days ago and since then I am trying to make it run.
    When I am running it under Oculus it stuck on “Loading” forever. I saw some suggestion in another thread and I changed the device config to Stream VR, so StreamVR starts and when I am trying to run vorpX Desktop Viewer it starts loading and then just turns to black screen.
    Things done so far: Excluded vorpx folder in av.
    I have Intel Integrated and Geforce RTX2080 on my laptop, so I assigned Intel integrated to vorpDesktop.exe and I I said above tried setting the device to Oculus or to StreamVR.
    Please advise what I can do to run it? I purchased it to run Horizon Zero Dawn, that didn’t work well with Virtual Desktop app or VR Toolbox 360.
    Thanks in advance


    vorpX needs the game/app you want to show in the headset to run on the same GPU that the headset is connected to. To make the vorpX desktop viewer work on a gaming laptop you would have to make sure that the Windows desktop also runs on the dedicated GPU, e.g. by disabling the internal GPU entirely.


    Is it ok to disable it from Device Manager? I went through the BIOS of my Alienware M15 (2018) and didn’t find an option to disable it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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