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    After wasting hours and hours on this product, I’m at the breaking point.

    I’ve read all the dam guides 3x over and even “supported” games like Portal will not run for me.

    I managed to get a regular non-supported 2d game to run on the virtual screen, but the jutter is so bad it’s gonna make throw up.

    64bit Win 7
    16GB RAM
    i7 Processor
    Radeon R9 200


    Well there’s $40 wasted. Can’t run a single game with this. I read the instructions for Dk2 setup. I read the trouble shooting blog post, I spent 5 hours troubleshooting….and I flossed and exercised everyday.

    I suspect there’s a group of Eastern Europeans laughing at us stupid Americans for buying something over the internet that everyone knows cant actually work.

    Enjoy the money guys. I’ll make sure to mention Voprx is a worthless product everywhere I can.


    If vorpX doesn’t hook into any game, there almost certainly is something on your PC that interferes with vorpX.

    Just in case you didn’t try that already, please try running vorpX as administrator, in some cases that may be needed. For example if you also run games with admin rights for some reason. Also try do create vorpX desktop shortcuts to your games (right click the tray icon, choose “Create desktop shortcut”. Doesn’t work with Steam games, but hooks more reliable than the auto detection in some cases.

    If nothing helps, please send a mail to support |at| vorpx com for some individual trouble shooting. Please include the below things so we can check whether maybe you overlooked something.

    1. System specs (CPU, RAM, graphics card etc.)
    2. A dxdiag.txt (run dxdiag.exe to create it)
    3. A screenshot of your task manager showing all running processes

    If that is an option for you, a fresh Windows install may also be worth a try.

    BTW: Please do not spam the forum, everything is read. I merged your two latest threads into this one.


    Look man I know your pissed, but something has to be up if you tried that hard and its not working. I assure you that this program is legit. Your specs are basically the same as me except video card and vorpx works great for me. Like today I was thiinking about how bad ass Dying Light is in vr and how I need to nut up and finish it. And how they need to make an Alien Isolation 2, that game is so good on the Rift its insane. Any way it does suck that you can’t get it to work. I’m an American so no Russian counter intelligence black opp scamware here, it just doesn’t like you is all I can figure :(

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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