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    Wondering if anyone can help, I have a oculus quest 2 with a 3080ti

    I cant get past the loading screen on my oculus on many games, am i missing something?

    I’ve tried battlefield 1, battlefield 5, portal 2 and siege. I can see a loading screen on my oculus and the games loads on the PC but doesn’t do anyyhthing else on the headset.

    I’ve tried running the games in admin mode, disabled anti-viurus, disabled MSI after burner and disabled Origins overlay.

    Any Help?>


    Hooking issues almost always are caused by a conflict with some other program also hooking into games. I understand that you already disabled Afterburner, but there probably is something else if disabling that didn’t help.

    If you haven’t done so already, please first try the trouble shooting options that pop up in vorpX’s ‘Attaching To…’ dialog after a minute. The first one (‘Install hook helper’) can often help to resolve hooking issues without having to get to the bottom of the matter.

    If that doesn’t help, try to disable everything you have running in the background, really everything. Basically any program that can show overlays in games can potentially cause a problem. Even chat apps like e.g. Discord.

    Also check whether maybe switching between the different VR APIs in the vorpX config app helps. Your Quest should work with all three of them (Oculus, OpenXR and SteamVR)


    Thanks for the help mate,

    Tried disabling everything and didn’t get anywhere. I tried Battlefield 4 and that works, I tried portal 2 and that worked once and now just closes as soon as it starts. I tried the “install hooking help” with battlefield 5 and 1 but still just shows the loading image in the oculus.
    Tried disabling everything, steam overlay, origins, even ansel. i haven nothing running in background only oculus, steam or origins and vorpx. i can hear the audio but no video


    That doesn’t sound good. Please try to launch a few games, then create a trouble shoot data archive in the vorpX config app (‘Trouble Shooting’ page) and send that to support at vorpx com. No promises, but I’ll take a closer look after the weekend.


    Thanks for your help.

    Ive send that now, i ran:
    Battlefield 5 – doesnt work, just shows the loading screen in the Oculus
    Battlefield 4 – works
    Portal 2 – doesnt work, Opens then closes
    Assassins Creed Valhalla – works

    Disabled everything in background.


    Hi there, i got some same problems.

    Star Citizen starts for the Loading screen, then crash …
    Restart, same, crash. After that, now i cant start star citizen anymore …

    Next game, RE3 Remake, crash
    Restart, crash …

    Farming Simulator 19/22 black screen … OK …

    I mean, on youtube all videos looks so easy to start, but no *g*

    what can i do? THX


    Remeber that on your screen monitor , the game must be foreground


    Hi luka2099, i know that. So i have ask in the SC forum and … the game is not supportet anymore (AntiCheat System comes in 3.15.1) so i cant use the software … nice! NOT :(

    So i gues, vorpX has to remove SC form they list of supportet games :(

    The other games i will try on the weekend. So i hope i can run one game.


    Star Citizen has never been officially supported by vorpX so it’s never been on the list of supported games, as a rule of thumb no Early Access or Alpha/Beta can be officially supported as they can completely change anytime, idk why you thought it did.

    Depending on the anti cheat system vorpX could still work, though whether you’d be banned for using it would be a whole other matter. Better to complain on their forums to allow vorpX to work since before they implement it imo


    has anyone got any ideas? i’ve been trying for a week here. i’ve made sure there is nothing in the background running. it works with 2 games and doesnt work with any others.

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