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    Hello! Has anyone been able to hook Witchfire? I love this game. It has Unreal Engine 4, I have created a profile from the Conarium profile and other Unreal Engine 4 games, I have tried linking the game executable and also another executable file, the witchfire win64 shipping (or something like that) but none of them hook. I have also tried Hook Helper and the alternative method, but there is no way. Somebody could help me? maybe RJK, Dellrifter or some of the more skilled fellows could create a profile for the cloud? Thank you very much, and I recommend you try this game.


    Have you added the “game”.exe to your local profiles ?

    Which Profiles from the Cloud section in the vorpx-config-tool have you imported ?

    Are you using the vorpx beta or the stable ?

    What are your Hardware Specs ?


    It’s probably a dx12 game, in which case you need a dx12 profile to hook.

    Grounded is another Unreal 4 dx12 game, I would try that first. Resident Evil Village also seems to have a high success rate in recent dx12 games that use FSR/dlss upscaling.

    No dx12 G3D support in vorpX yet, Z3D only.

    And yes, use the “shipping.exe” in Win64 folder, as is almost always the case with Unreal 4 games.

    I plan to pick this up sometime after it comes to Steam.


    Witchfire is a unreal engine 5 game. You must select unreal engine 5 base profile and select witchfire-shipping.exe to hook game


    Thank you very much for your for your attention and information Dave ,Dellrifter and Luka. I realized that Witchfire uses DirectX 12, so I created a profile based on Cyberpunk 2077. I also followed Luka’s instructions and created a profile based on Unreal Engine 5. Both profiles have exactly the same result, Z3D, and because the game has a slider to increase the Fov, it feels comfortable. Later I will try other profiles following your advice. Thank you very much for your instructions!!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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