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    When I try to use the Y button, VorpX is treating it as the Left bumper so my hands just go up in defense and I cannot open my inventory. I’ve tried key bindings in game but it seems the game uses every button on the damn keyboard so there is always a conflict and I cannot change them . From what I understand the Y button is supposed to represent the W key on the keyboard. Right now it’s acting like the space bar with VorpX. The game works as it should when not using vorpX.


    The game does not allow gamepad and mouse input (emulated by vorpX for head tracking) at the same time, hence I had to enable vorpX’s built in gamepad to mouse/kb mapper. Otherwise gamepads wouldn’t be usable at all together with head tracking.

    I set up the key bindings to mimic the game’s native gamepad mapping, but you can change the button mappings to anything you like in the vorpX menu on the input page.

    BTW: You might find using your VR controllers instead more convenient. They are also freely configurable in mouse/kb mode. For VR controllers vorpX displays the current mapping on the ingame controllers, so that’s more convenient to use than having to remember the gamepad mappings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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