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    I am following a tutorial exactly but can only get big screen. No VR. Imported cloud file (Vorpx), applied. Fired up Steam VR. The warning about VR playing on monitor comes up but Vorpx does not attach to game. Tried air link and cable. Using Direct x 12 setting in game. All I get is the game in theater mode. I also unchecked theater in games properties in Steam. Any Help? I finished DL 1 and have been looking forward to DL2 in VR. No mods yet.Thx.


    Are you running the Steam version of the game? Maybe check that your exe name is the same as the one attached to the profile (DyingLightGame_x64_nwdi.exe), and if not, add yours to the profile. Otherwise the vorpX watcher will hook the default 2D theater screen to any exe launched that it does not recognize.

    I just bought this game on steam and it is hooking in fine, but the Z3D will not work no matter what settings I try. Hopefully Ralf can take a quick look and confirm.

    It seems the game now supports both dx11 and dx12, which I don’t think was the case at launch. It’s probably worth updating the Official profile to address this, especially since the game defaulted to dx11 mode when I first launched the game.

    Can Ralf or anyone please confirm that Z3D is still working in this game?


    Would be nice to have some info on this. I played DL2 on flatscreen last year, and at first i thought that it’s not as good as the first one. Then i replayed DL1 and clearly my memory was better of it than it was in reality.

    What i’m saying is that it’s a great game with much future potential. If it gets the same treatment from Techland as the DL1, DL2 could even surpass it in the end.

    I’ll definitely would love to replay it with vorpX sometime later this year.


    @Ralf: Now with Reloaded Edition out, what’s the status of Dying Light 2? There were reports that it stopped working. Is Z3D still functional if one uses DX11?


    Still working here (Steam version). Both 3D and DirectVR tracking.

    If you encounter issues like broken 3D or a wrong camera field of view, please reset the game’s graphics options to default and double check whether you maybe accidentally disabled automatic game settings in vorpX. Often vorpX auto-adjusts settings that are vital for 3D to work correctly.


    Much appreciated, Ralf.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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