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    I cant start Witcher 3

    Here is the msg I got

    Oculus Runtime failed

    Switching Vorpx to SteamVr may helps in some cases

    I’m using Acer Mix Reality and Vorpx works for Witcher 3 in my old PC

    Please help


    i fix it

    Under General select Vive instead of Oculus it works :)


    the game still has a lot of graphics glitches, anyone know how to fix ?


    Which mode are you using?

    Geometry mode, the shadows might not match in both eyes. You can turn them off completely in the delete key menu.

    Z-normal mode should have no glitches other than a slight transparent outline around near objects.


    I tested TW3 with Rift S and i agree that the shadows have a parallax problem in G3D (like in most other games with dynamic shadows, i guess).

    But! Z3D mode works very well in this game. I can highly recommend it. I could never play without shadows, it’s very immersion-breaking IMO.


    I run Geometry 3D it great, make me feel the 3D movies I watch in the cinema inferior to this

    However, when I see the fire or sunset shadows of the buildings or distance objects like the sea, the mountains from certain angles, it keeps flipping, sometimes missing objects, sometimes wrong color, sometimes only showing a part of it

    please let me know how to improve this

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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